Vets Needed at Many PASA Sanctuaries

Most wildlife centers that are members of PASA welcome veterinarian volunteers. Activities can range from checking the health of current residents and those new to the sanctuary, training the sanctuary staff and performing medical treatment and surgery.

Depending on the sanctuary, living conditions can sometimes be challenging. So can the working conditions. Check here to see what you can expect.

If you’re a vet who’s interested in volunteering, check the table below to get a snapshot of the location, activities and contact information you’ll need to make your decision about which wildlife center is best for you.

Sanctuary Country Species Activities Contact Website Notes
Ape Action Africa Cameroon Chimpanzees (110)
Gorillas (21)
Mandrills (44)
Chimfunshi Zambia Chimpanzees (119)
Chimpanzee Conservation Center Guinea Chimanzees (52) Hygiene &
Quarantine Protocols
Colobus Conservation Kenya Colobus Monkeys
Sykes Monkeys
Vervet Monkeys
Drill Ranch* Nigeria Chimpanzees (32)
Drills (500)
HELP Congo Congo Chimpanzees (19)
JACK D.R. of Congo Chimpanzees (38)
Limbe Cameroon Chimpanzees (52)
Gorillas (15)
Drills (92)
Mandrills (14)
Ngamba Uganda Chimpanzees (49)
PPG Congo Congo Gorillas (35) Health Checks for Sniffer Dog Program
PPG Gabon Gabon Gorillas (30)
Sanaga Yong Chimpanzee Rescue Cameroon Chimpanzees (72) Minimum Stay: 3 Months
Sweetwaters Chimpanzee Sanctuary Kenya Chimpanzees (36)
Tacugama Sierra Leone Chimpanzees (76)
Vervet Monkey Foundation South Africa Vervet Monkeys (581)

* Membership is currently inactive

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