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Rescue Great Apes and Monkeys – and Set Them Free

Please give support we can depend on every month to keep saving lives.

PASA works with wildlife centers across Africa to help them rescue primates and give them new lives in the forests, where they belong. We can only do it with your support.

Some of these operations involve extraordinary efforts such as transporting gorillas in a helicopter.

Donate to make the next rescue possible. Please save these amazing animals – before it’s too late.

Fatou is just one example:

“We found a patas monkey that was kept as a pet and then abandoned. There are no sanctuaries in Senegal. The situation is desperate.”

This is from an email PASA received from a compassionate person in Dakar, Senegal, who rescued Fatou, a little monkey in urgent need.

Tragically, stories like Fatou’s are far too common. Countless monkeys and great apes are orphaned by bushmeat hunters, kept as illegal pets, tied on top of buses, or smuggled into the illicit wildlife trade.

PASA’s network includes 23 wildlife rescue centers in 13 African countries. We reached out to our members in the region and were deeply relieved to get a reply from the Chimpanzee Rehabilitation Project in the Gambia. Transportation and permits were arranged, and Fatou is now receiving outstanding care from CRP’s experienced staff.

As the only alliance of wildlife centers in Africa, PASA is in a unique position to help primates in inhumane and abusive situations to reach the safety of a high-quality sanctuary.

Fatou’s rescue was only possible because of compassionate people like you. Please make a contribution now to save the next animal like Fatou and bring her to a sanctuary.

Africa’s wild animals desperately need you.