Wildlife Centers

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PASA wildlife centers across Africa rescue primates confiscated from people illegally selling or keeping these wild animals as “pets.” Without sanctuaries, laws prohibiting hunting and sale of African primates go unenforced as there is nowhere for the animals to receive the specialized care they need. PASA (the Pan African Sanctuary Alliance) includes 22 member organizations […]

Empowering Communities

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Supporting Africa’s Next Generation of Conservationists PASA (the Pan African Sanctuary Alliance)’s member organizations educate children and adults about the value of the environment and animals. They also run community development projects to give local people new opportunities as alternatives to exploiting the forest and its resources. The result is better livelihoods for villagers and […]

How You Can Help


Your actions make a difference. Commit to protecting wild primates! Buy recycled or FSC certified wood and paper products.  Your consumer choices matter to primates and other wildlife in Africa! In Africa and around the world, the forest homes of primates and other wildlife are being logged for paper pulp, furniture and building materials. FSC […]

Stopping the Destruction

Primates are hunted for food (bushmeat) or as “pests” throughout many regions of Africa. Younger animals are sold in the illegal pet trade. These babies are often the byproducts of bushmeat – too small to eat, after their families are killed they are sold as pets. These “pets” are cruelly and inhumanely treated and deprived of their basic needs. We collaborate with governments to confiscate or rescue illegally captured animals and prosecute people who hunt, sell or keep them as pets.

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About PASA

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    Our Mission

    PASA secures a future for Africa’s primates and their habitat through a unique collaboration of African sanctuaries, communities, governments and global experts.

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    Who We Are

    PASA is a non-profit organization working to protect Africa’s primates and their habitats.  We have 22 member sanctuaries in 12 countries across Africa. We regularly inspect and accredit member sanctuaries. We work with prospective member sanctuaries throughout Africa to help improve animal care and conservation practices to meet PASA standards. PASA is administered by a […]


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